Talk To Your Family Lawyer About Child Custody

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After divorce is settled and decided child custody comes next, depending on the number of children you have, your current living condition and your wages will determine who retains custody between you and your spouse.

Child custody and guardianship usually are legal terms which describe the relationship between a child and a parent within the legitimate realms. If you are residing in Fountain Valley and facing such kind of issue you can consult with Family law attorney in Fountain Valley via

Different Kinds associated with Custody:

Alternating type – here is the most common type of custody where the child live with one parent for a few weeks, months or years after which lives with the other parent for the same period of time. It is considered that this parent who at the time has custody of this child retains full authority and responsibility over all of them.

 Joint type Рboth parents agrees to get legal and/or physical custody in the child/children.

Sole – is really a court settlement where one parent may have real and legal custody a result of the unfitness of the other parent to cart the responsibility.

Split type – If the couple has a couple of child, then the complete custodial responsibility falls about both parents. However, they will divide the children both equally.