Sprint Review Meeting in Agile

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The Sprint Review Meeting is a one-hour event in Scrum. The maximum duration is four hours for four-week sprints and proportionally less for smaller sprints. Sprint reviews are conducted at the end of the sprint or iteration and are used to demonstrate the work done during the sprint.

The Product Owner identifies which functions have been completed with the help of seven-day sprint management. The team checks how much work has been done, whether the backlog has been reduced at Sprint and what is left.

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The sprint test is conducted by each team member. People who may participate include the Scrum Team and other external customers, stakeholders, or interested persons whom the Product Owner may invite. 

A sprint review usually consists of a demonstration of the work performed. However, "demo" is not the sole or primary purpose of the review.

The team discusses any pending items and returns to delay new products to be redistributed. The team answered all questions about the work done.

This is an important time for team members to interact with the Product Owner and understand what is happening to the product. Parts of the Sprint Review can also be used to reorganize collected products and discuss current business priorities with the Product Owner. 

Elements of product accumulation are discussed and the team considers what it can hold onto in the next sprint. This lays the groundwork for the next planning meeting.