Social service through online shopping

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These days social service is just like a style statement to many people. But what we can extract is that at the end of the day a good deed is done. These days people have joined non profitable and governmental organizations dealing with some extremely social issues like child labor, discrimination, dowry cases, youth awareness, corruption, eve teasing etc. The major lack and improvement can be done by providing them money. But donating a lot of money these days is out of question and hence there is a solution to it where while buying online a part of payment is directly transferred to ngo’s. To join you can check out being human (which is a reputed Indian brand), sparo (online charity application) and many others who not only provide the online shopping facility of good quality products but also help the needy by charities.

This can be pulled off in a variety of ways and can help in many other ways just like mentioned below-

  1. Brand awareness- the brand gets more and more recognition.
  2. Smart shopping- the charity sites always make sure that the prices of the product are reasonable and generally low to that can be afforded easily.
  3. Environment gets more eco-friendly, people tend to focus more on using the reusable and good quality products.
  4. Fundraising- apart from regular charity, functions where more money can be generated along with promoting a brand.