Simple Techniques to Increase Brain Power

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It is not necessary to be like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking to make better use of your brain. Simple techniques can also help to increase brain power no matter what their IQ scores might be.

To increase your brain power, firstly you need to breathe deeply. The more air you take in, the more oxygen gets in to your bloodstream, automatically more in to your brain. Breathe in through nose and you will observe that your diaphragm drops naturally and expand your lungs & take in more air. It also helps to relax the body. The less you take stress, the clearer your thinking will be.

After that, improve your posture, it will also help to sharp your mind. Sitting up straight is not something difficult; it is another method to increase brain power. Try this: Slouch down, look at the floor, & let your mouth open. Now try to do some math issues in your mind. After then, sit up, close your mouth & look forward or slightly up & solve the math problems.

You can also take brain supplements to enhance the memory of your brain. You can also read reviews about cogniflex to learn more about brain supplements. There are so many brain boosters, smart pills, and supplements are available in the market.

Physical exercise is another method to increase brain memory. That is right, moving your body will also improve the mind.