Review Charvel ProMod San Dimas Style 2 HH HT M Ash Guitar

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I have always been a massive fan of Charvel Guitars because of their unapologetically compact guitars targeted for highspeed playability, unbridled strength and peak performance.
In reality, I actually have two ProMod SoCal Style 1 versions (as everybody must have at least 2), that I often use for my Eightiesinspired, “shredtastic” bands.
Charvel recently published a massive group of new versions and I obtained the nononsense ProMod San Dimas Design two HH HT M Ash guitar, that is their Teleshaped version in a hard tail bridge, and today I have to confess, I may need to bump up my Charvel set into three. Just check up on if you need more details on what electric guitar strings to buy.
The ProMod San Dimas Style two HH HT M includes a superbly manicured natural ash body combined with a twopiece bolton walnut neck. What is cool is that the body is contoured with a generous stomach cut to hug your waist, a shape on the cutaway and heels to get unfettered access before the 15th fret, along with a slick shape behind the lower position for the output jack.
The guitar’s neck includes graphite reinforcement rods (such as loyal stability); 12 into 16inch chemical radius maple fingerboard, 22 jumbo frets, and a thumbwheel truss pole buttadjust which makes washing the neck a handily quick and effortless adjustment. The guitar also contains Seymour Duncan JB TB4 (bridge) and ’59 SH1N (throat) humbuckers screwed right into the human body and commanded using a threeway blade change.
The quantity controller adopts a push/pull coil divide along with the NoLoad tone controller functions like a normal tone control till you are feeling that the indent when completely throttled, which efficiently eliminates the circuit to get transparent sound.
The ProMod San Dimas Style two HH HT M Ash feels just like a wild bucking horse since after you strap yourself in, you can not help but hang on as your playing heads toward break neck speed. It is mind blowing and addictive the way the guitar affects the nature of my playing to adapt fast conducts and evil riffs. Its speed throat profile using a handrubbed urethane gel back end is really smooth it enables your palms to easily skate round the entire neck.
The pickups have a solid midrange which produces chords seem chunky when utilizing highgain amplifiers, while prospects have the ideal snack and roundness that slice through the mixture. Engaging the quantity’s push/pull coil divide brightens the tone up for single coil spank. It is an entirely versatile hard rock masterpiece stripped down to get dexterous guitar acrobatics.