Reflexology – The Relaxing Way to Health and Wellness

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Holiday providers aware of traditional massage techniques for relaxation and muscle tension release. Many people also know that applying pressure to certain factors in the hands can cure a headache, or that massaging specific areas in the ankles can help bring on work in a pregnant female. But did you know that these are only a few secrets of the healing practice known as reflexology? Although reflexology is sometimes called “foot massage, inch it is more than simple foot massage. Chosen is a natural recovery remedy which involves applying pressure to certain points on the foot that match to organs and systems in the body. One can get┬áMassage in Boca Raton and other services like Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Prenatal from The Studio Massage Bar.

The particular underlying theory behind reflexology is that there are “reflex” areas, on the feet and hands, that correspond to specific internal organs, glands, and other elements of the body. For example:

* the tips of the toes reflect the head

* the center and chest are about the ball of the foot

* the liver, pancreas and kidney are usually in the arch of the feet

* low back and intestines are towards the heel

So, what exactly is reflexology? Reflexology is a type of hand and foot massage that offers health benefits for the whole body. The foundation of reflexology is that there are specific points in your toes and hands that correspond to each of the body’s organs and systems. Simply by applying pressure to areas, a practitioner would bring the body back into a healthy balance. In western reflexology, the therapist only uses her hands during treatment. In the eastern style of reflexology, implements are being used along with the hands.

No matter which style is used, a reflexologist works from charts that outline specific points that can help to right health issues or simply maintain balance in the body. While reflexology is a proven technique which will help address many minor and chronic health issues, it is not a cure. Individuals with major health concerns should use reflexology to support any medical treatments, not replace them.