Real Estate Agents – How to Choose the Best One

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Once you know you want to list your home – or you need to – your next step is to try to find an agent to help you. There are those few adventurous souls who want to try to sell their homes themselves and the fewer still who end up succeeding.

Agents know the market and the wherefores of the process, and they are the perfect people to pull alongside you when you try to navigate the waters of the real estate market. You can hire the best the best Burnaby real estate agent via

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But how can you pick the right one? Read on for some tips on how to find the right real estate agent for you.

Check the commission rate

Your agent typically charges around a 6% commission rate. Anything more than that should be comparable to the market. If it isn't, this is an agent to steer clear of.

Don't just go with a friend

You might have a friend or a relative who is a real estate agent. While he or she might be perfectly competent, you want someone who can represent you in the real estate transaction, and someone close to you might not be able to be wholly objective.

Don't be blinded by the dollars

You might have talked to an agent who promised to get you top dollar and presented a very favorable price for your home. Problem is – is that a realistic amount for your home? You want to find an agent who will listen to you, determine your needs, and have the skills to reach the right buyers for your home.