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More established homes have once in a while woofed, while structures over 10 years of age are attacked by the troublesome creepy crawlies. Nobody knows the reason.

We note that 60-70 percent of revealed wounds are on homes that are more than 10 years. Not many more seasoned structures are influenced, and houses worked before 1950 have barely ever woofed, says harm director Svein Stormoen in Norsk Hussopp Forsikring.

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In the course of the most recent couple of years, the beard insects are found in Norway. The bug looks like shimmering, yet is bigger, increasingly "whiskery" and has longer tracks.

Specialists scratch their facial hair over why bugs all the more regularly show up in new structures.

Climatic conditions in the development can be one clarification. More current homes are better protected, are denser and all the more frequently have warming links in the floors. Possibly the temperature fits well for the beard bugs in another home than in a drafty and cold old house, says Stormoen.

Another clarification is that the beards accompanied the development items.

Materials used to manufacture houses are progressively delivered abroad. It isn't incomprehensible that the dairy animals can concoct the materials and set up themselves in new structures, says Stormoen.

When moving into another home, usually to purchase new kitchen hardware, furniture, and other family unit things. Perhaps the cows are visually impaired travelers in the cases of the products you purchase in the store.