Let`s Compare; OLED TV vs. 4K LED TV

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4K TV is something exciting at the moment. Every manufacturer is trying their best bet to produce 4K TV with today latest technology; far beyond what we can imagine. OLED TV is something, too! Today`s manufacturers give us so many options to choose and their hi-tech TVs has blown us away, right?

It is not that simple

The thing is, even if you like all the features on those TVs, but the thing is it still comes in pretty high price because it is still new and featured many cool features. For information, today`s 4K and OLED TV comes with big screen, like 60 in television. The smaller screen, like 32 inch TV is best at HD resolution.

Let`s compare it for real

Enough talk, here is how we compare 4K and OLED TV from different points.

1. Color Rendition: OLED has richer, deeper and more realistic color from 4K

2. Resolution: OLED has standard resolution usually at 1920 X 1080 while 4K is at 3840 x 2160

3. Sharpness Image Clarity: OLED has incredible sharpness and details for color and image, but 4K is 4 times sharper which is makes it super cool.

4. Contrast and Brightness: OLED has better black and contrast technology, but lower brightness while 4K still one step lower from plasma TV for this point and better brightness.

5. Screen Uniformity: OLED has better screen uniformity because of its pixel cell, while 4K TV has problem with uniformity

6. Side Angle Viewing Quality: OLED exhibits perfect side angle viewing as plasma TV, while 4K is just one step behind plasma and OLED for this option.

7. Lifespan: OLED technology led it to unknown lifespan while 4K has 60,000 hours which worth for 41 years viewing for 4 hours watching a day.

So which one is better?

Well, with that compare, you can see which one is better right? There are several online websites which can help you with 32 inch TVs e.g. Exim TV Designs.