Laser Dermatology – Focused Light to Treat the Skin

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When you will try to view the laser light, every light ray won't be visible to naked eye, few light rays of spectrums which might not be viewed usually by us because of its different wavelength. If you are searching more information about laser light treatment visit

Laser Dermatology - Focused Light to Treat the Skin

So, where and how exactly can these concentrated light technologies come into play within the speciality of dermatology and more especially cosmetic dermatology? 

Erbium 294 Yag Laser: This can be a quick healing treatment tool used for scars, wrinkles, and germs. There's a brand new Erbium variant called micro erbium for fractional fixing without a down time retrieval.

Fractionated CO2 Laser:  CO2 Laser Treatment can be a more recent CO2 technology aimed for use in eliminating acne scars, scars, surgical and injury scars.

Extended Pulse Alexandrite Laser: This variant laser is most frequently used for baldness on people with olive complexions.

Extended Pulse Dye Laser W/ Notebook: This variant laser treatment is most frequently employed for cervical lesions, stretch marks, scar revision, skin rejuvenation, acne treatments, and acne scars.

Extended Pulse Yag Laser: This tool can be used for elimination of unwanted hair on dark skinned people and also the removal of leg veins, as well as standard skin tightening. Also employed for removal of hair that is fine.

Radio frequency Laser: This tool is usually used for a nonsurgical face lift and skin tightening. The process is a sophisticated method to tighten skin with the touch of a complex computerized treatment tip into the epidermis. It requires no incisions and no healing period. Fantastic results may frequently be seen with only 1 treatment.