Laminated Business Cards Are They Worth?

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Well-presented and good quality business cards help you as an owner of a business to create a first impression on your clients. A poor quality card can reflect badly on your business image. Therefore you will have to be careful while choosing a company with a good service on offer.

The price of laminated business credit cards differ hugely amongst on-line print suppliers. This suits particular business types like the mobile hairdressing profession, cabbies, electricians etc. where a 'quality image' is usually not so important to help garner work. A simple, neatly presented business card employing a quality design is often all that's needed is in many cases. You can get more ideas through

A compact to medium enterprise even so, as well as any blue chip company, should have a desire to produce an instantly recognizable top quality brand that can be produced to hide all company marketing supplies. In these instances, brand and color consistency over the full range of business stationery is important to preserve the firm image.

Essentially, it's produced using only two sheets of laminate enclosing an ordinary card front and rear. Laminated cards differ through the plastic pouch often used with the typical office laminating unit, which uses a significantly thicker laminate.