Know More About Multiple Sclerosis

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In other words, multiple sclerosis is a leading cause of non-stress disability in adults and young children. When talking about the causes of multiple sclerosis, the first thing to say is that the source of the disease has not been found.   

There is convincing thought that the cause can be a virus or genetic change, but, however, does not rule out that environmental factors can also influence. For getting more information about multiple sclerosis you can navigate

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What is known is that, because of disease, the damage is generated in the protective layer of neurons and that this damage is produced by inflammation that occurs when immune cells attack the nervous system.

This type of damage can occur in both the brain and other points such as the spinal cord. In addition, because MS is a chronic and autoimmune disease, it affects myelin or white matter of the brain, causing  plaque to inhibit the normal functioning of these nerve fibers.  

In addition, this produces immunological abnormalities which usually manifest itself in problems of synchronization and balance, muscle weakness, difficulty in thinking and memorizing and sensations of itching, pricking or numbness, in addition to other symptoms.

However, there are no typical symptoms of sclerosis to help in the initial diagnosis. It is even common for the first episode not to be detected by unclear discomfort without consulting a doctor. Often, the first manifestation is present as vision problems, whether in the form of blurred vision, double perspective or reduced vision.

There is also evidence that multiple sclerosis is more prevalent among people who have genetic susceptibility. These theories are actually complementary. An ordinary virus can activate the body's defense mechanism, which leads there to attack and destroy myelin from the central nervous system in people who are genetically vulnerable.