Know More About Bowling Alleys

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"Bowling Alley", "Bowling Center", "The Bowl" and"House" are used interchangeably to describe the construction where bowling occurs. Bowling alleys are often comprised of several lanes (as many as 100 or more) but may be comprised of just a few lanes.

Some individuals have a lane in their house, while I would not consider this a bowling alley, per se; it's in the most literal sense. A single lane may be called a bowling alley. For the publication, a bowling alley hotel or home will refer to a location where several lanes and games are bought.

Where are bowling alleys?

They're everywhere. Lately, it appears that far more homes are closing because of property and maintenance costs becoming too expensive, or lack of use.

Looking in the local telephone book, you should be able to locate quite a few houses locally. Bowling is an extremely popular game and therefore there are a lot of bowling alleys in many regions.

Recently a huge bowling arena was constructed in Reno. If you wish to find a really large home, that's where to go. If you get an opportunity to bowl there it's quite the thing! I've bowled there on several occasions and have enjoyed it.

The PBA (Pro Bowlers Association, see Chapter 9) has tournaments there in addition to the USBC. Some of the matches that I know of the bowl you will find the USBC Nationals, PBA, USBC Mixed, and the High Roller.