Information Related To Microbial Fertilizers And Composting

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Organic fertilizers composed of various plant-derived materials that range from fresh or dried plant material to manure and stretcher for agriculture by-products. Organic fertilizer nutrient content varies greatly between source materials, and easily biodegradable materials create a better source of nutrients.

Nitrogen and phosphorus content is lower, often substantially lowered, inorganic fertilizers as compared to chemical fertilizers. water content is another factor that reduces or dilutes the concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus from organic fertilizers. If you want enhanced crop growth then the use of full-spectrum microbes can be done.

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Thus, it can be cost-effective to transport the high-moisture organic fertilizer remotely. However, the use of locally available resources is very reasonable if the use is consistent with the strategy of production.

the nutrient value of manure is more varied than the by-agricultural products. animal diet, the use and type of bedding, aged manure, and how it is stored are factors that affect the nutritional value of the dirt; These factors can vary seasonally and between farms, and regional or on a larger geographical scale.

In contrast, the nutrient content of agricultural by-products that are less variable but can be influenced by the industrial processes used to produce byproducts. However, it is always advisable to analytically determine the nutrient content of organic fertilizers.