Important Facts On Commercial Asphalt Driveways

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There are several reasons why many commercial property owners make their driveway with asphalt rather than concrete. Asphalt pavement comes with many benefits and advantages; especially in terms of maintenance and repairs.

Asphalt is far more economical than concrete for this reason and more. In addition to the aspects of flexibility and easy maintenance, they are usually cheaper than concrete materials in most hardware and construction stores. That’s why commercial paving contractor in Charlotte NC use this material.

Although concrete paving can last up to 15 or 20 years without the need for repairs, asphalt is still a more trendy choice for most residential and commercial properties for a number of reasons.

Asphalt Pavement for Driveways

There are several reasons why asphalt pavement can weaken or worsen. For example, elemental conditions, overexposure, neglect, cars, and calls from the surrounding natural environment all have effects on asphalt pavement.

It is recommended to place sprinklers and watering hoses away from the newly paved asphalt road. In addition, large or old trees must be removed to protect new asphalt from damage to tree roots. Even if the tree does not appear to be a threat, it is safer to remove it before experiencing asphalt damage from the underground root system.

As soon as you see potted holes or cracks appear, it is advisable to take immediate action to prevent further wear. The sooner the asphalt problem is recognized and corrected, the cheaper the repair costs.