Importance of health in our lives

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Health is something which needs to be kept in mind while doing anything and everything in our daily lives. A common jargon would be absence of disease but health is much more than the absence of disease.

WHO which implies World Health Organisation says that health implies to “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or illness or infirmity. So now we know its something holistic and one dimensional. One very important problem which is faced by so many people today is the problem of healthy population which is decreasing day by day. The numbers of diseases which are seen in a lot of problems are mostly the result of unhealthy lifestyle being followed and least importance given to nutrition and exercise.

Is Technology the reason?

Although the technology has facilitated the people with ways to get healthy even without them really going outside to the gymnasium or a green park but technology has also opened gates for them to try new and non healthy activities which apparently make them unhealthy.

Ways to keep oneself healthy

  • Keeping the body weight in check. One should maintain a healthy weight, a body mass index of not more than 24. One can also join camps to get fit and healthy in a group because help them stay motivated like the Thailand weight loss camp.
  • Taking proper nutrition in one's diet to ensure proper growth of the body and maintenance of the bodily functions.
  • Maintaining an active lifestyle by regularly exercising.