How To Stop Thumb Sucking

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Everyone heard stories of people who have trouble stopping their children's thumb-sucking problems. I recently heard a mother tell me that she has a daughter eight years old and does not know how to stop the thumb sucking habit of her daughter. Well, to get rid of the thumbsucking problem of your child, many of the thumb sucking guards are available in the market. To know about affective thumb guard for toddlers visit

Before using any appliance to stop thumb-sucking problems, first, you have to wonder, when the child sucks their thumbs. Often a child sucks their fingers when they are bored, tired and looking for comfort.

Here are some home solutions that have heard of and do not accept, again these are the solutions I have heard or seen online. Most people do it, but something on the thumb; I've heard of hot sauce, cologne, Mavala, hairspray, and even bandaids. 

I really think it's essential to test a system that does not involve any chemical thumb – there are many times when a child will use that same thumb to wipe his eyes and have led to a real bad bite or even an eye infection. There are better items to use to help stop thumb sucking.

There are unique products for parents that can help their young ones finish sucking. There are storybooks with funny pictures available to help encourage the little ones, there are many types of gloves as well; I've even seen puppets. 

You can check with your child's dentist to see if they have a guard available, the protector can be placed on the roof of the mouth, which does not allow a suction action or even thumb that will help stop thumb sucking.