How to Start a Pooper Scooper Business?

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Are you a dog lover looking to start a business that provides value to the community and can garner you a good profit at the same time? Then perhaps you should look into starting a pooper scooper business! Yes, dog waste removal.

The pet industry is growing by leaps and bounds and people will always have cherished pets regardless of the state of their personal finances or the economy.

And since people are leading busier lives than ever before, they do not always have the time to spare to perform scooping duties to clean up after their dogs. For this reason, starting a pooper scooper business can be a very lucrative prospect.


Starting this type of business does not require huge investment money wise, and dog owners are willing to pay quite a bit for someone to take care of the mess that their dogs make. You can browse to know more about large dog pooper scooper.

You can make money not only cleaning up the dog's waste at your client's homes, but also in vet offices, dog parks, and dog boarding facilities; basically anywhere that a dog can make a mess.

Most business operators have a particular route that they work, which means that you can visit particular locations every day, certain days of the week, or weekly – whatever works best for you. Bottom line: you can make money in the dog waste removal business.

What You Need to Start Your Pooper Scooper Business

To start your new venture, you will need basic tools of the trade, including a waste removal tool or shovel, plastic bags to place the excrement in, a container to transport the waste inside your vehicle, and cleaning supplies. You will also need marketing materials, a computer, and software for keeping your books.

You will have to apply for and receive a business license in your area, and in some areas, you will need a license from both the city and the state. You will also want to contract with a waste company to dispose of the waste that you remove.

Many eco-friendly pooper scooper businesses actually contract with a composting company in their community so that the waste is turned into potting soil that is earth-friendly and super rich.