How To Save Polar Bears?

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During winters, they spend most of their time on the ice floes hunting seals. Polar bears have rough, leathery pads on the bottoms of their feet to maintain footholds on slippery ice surfaces. Their adaptation to the cold Arctic waters is even more impressive. Their thick coats of fur trap a deep layer of insulating air around their bodies. 

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As our world's climate warms, these ice-packs are broken and melted apart which makes it tougher to the polar bear to locate its food. This results in the polar bear to swim fantastic distances, to be able to search for the next meal. Wildlife conservationists have really seen polar bears drowning because they simply could not make it into the closest ice flow. Get to know more about how to save polar bears via

Recent research indicates that the polar bear populations are falling at an alarming speed. Fewer cubs have been sited each year, meaning that their reproductive cycle has been affected too. This creature is gradually being spilled into the verge of extinction.

To conserve the people, we must begin considering reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have to find different methods to fuel our economy, which might decrease the effects of global warming through the years, and reduce our reliance on “fossil fuels".

The polar bear isn't the only one of the species within this habitat that are being influenced. Oil survey in the northern areas ought to be ceased, stopping the possibility of human error, and consequently maintaining our environment.