How to Prevent Home Accidents for Your Child

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True playground adventure, the house is also a risk to children. Falls, burns, poisoning, drowning, all, accidents which occur daily. Knowing that home accident are the main cause of death among children, there are some precautions to take.

Precautions to take in the kitchen

• Store cleaning products away from children and opt for products with child resistant packaging. Keep the original packaging (chlorinated water poured a bottle of water can be misleading for children or even someone else).

• Keep out of the reach dangerous objects such as knives, scissors, lighters out of children; systematically save them after use. Complementing the small door blocking system. Also, store the plastic bags to avoid the risk of suffocation.

• Burns came in second in the list of danger, so when you cook, watch your child.

When the fire is active, turning tail into the pot, a hot plate, coffee cup, and others beyond their grasp. When the oven works, keeping them away from it. You can also install a double door. Note that the oven is now equipped with isolation doors.

Also always check the temperature of the bottle leaving the microwave before eating.

Precautions in the bedroom

• Blankets, comforters, pillows can suffocate babies, prefer a sleeping bag. Choose a bed with bars close enough to not let the child stuck his head. the bed is not recommended for children.

• To avoid the risk of falling, never leave a baby alone on a changing table. Be careful with open windows is best to install window blocking.

• Growing up, the child irresistibly attracted to an electrical outlet. It will try to insert a finger or other object, so it is important to install outlet covers.