How to Practice the Lithium-ion Batteries

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Lithium battery and not the legendary "memory", but there is a strong "inertia". Normal manufacturer of the battery, such as the original battery, before they leave the factory, is activated, it can be used directly. The problem is when buying hand, mobile phone battery has long time is not used, inert will affect battery usage.

This is a fairly unified term, how should differences arise in the operation. Tradition says, is "using the power runs out, then fill the automatic shutdown of twelve and fourteen hours, many of which will be sold pin Staff explains But the new claims are not necessary, and the user usually only write. This means that before three times for not necessarily to use the power to run full automatic shutdown, especially, do not need to fill in twelve hours. You can check out Advanced Lithium-Ion Technology for purchasing the best battery.

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Without filling twelve hours before they leave the factory, based on the battery has been activated, no need to take special measures. As mentioned, the activation of the battery, and placed a period of time, inert and produced.  

However, care must be taken, should be using mobile phones to rush continuously, and not with the seat charger. Phone battery is said to have protection.

Regular batteries not intended to be recharged. Attempting to forcibly charge non-rechargeable batteries can cause the battery to explode, get broken, or leaking chemical components.