How To Make It Easier To Come Up With A Business Name

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What will my business name represent?

Your business name will serve to segment you from your competitors and strengthen what your business image is. Think about your brand positioning and what your line of business is and then work towards picking a business name.

Do not choose a name that limits your business profiling in the future, stopping the development of product lines or expanding to new areas.

It could be a good name to begin a business but does it have the advantage.  In years to come, you could end up with expensive rebranding exercises if you check your company name.A company name requires showing what you are about and what your goods and services are.

Is the company name easy to remember?

The smaller the name the better and withdraw the use of hyphens and other ‘special’ characters. Acronyms can also create a difficulty for people too as not everyone will know. You can also search for your business name generator via various online resources.

A great point to remember, dependent on the first letter of your business will be where your business is written in business directories, do you need to be at the start with the letter A or be at the end with the letter Z.

Is your name significant only to yourself?

A business name with personal meaning will expect nothing to your brand and you will not be there to tell it when people come across your business. A business name requires meaning something and words spelt behind or in another language will not work.