How to Keep Your Car Well Maintained

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We often forget to keep the maintenance of our vehicles. Well, maybe we don’t really forget them. But we let ourselves being careless and disregard the car maintenance. We’re only focused on how to use them and never forget to get the fill the gas tank before the needle hits red. But car maintenance takes more than that. It’s more than just remember to keep the tank filled, washed regularly, and paid the installment on time.


Warm the Engine Up

If you don’t use your vehicle often, or maybe you have more than two vehicles and leaving one for special occasion. You still need to turn on the engine daily or at least every two days. This meant for the oil to lubricate the engine, so even though you hardly use the car, the engine will run smooth without any hitch.


Changing the oil

You may well aware if your car is using petrol or diesel, but you also need to aware of knowing which oil that suits the engine. But don’t worry, there are sites like oli pelumas should help you to determine which product is the best for your vehicle. Each engine comes with its own qualities and needs, and you need to pay attention on that too. If you’re still confused or have more questions you can just ask a mechanic or consult distributor oil to tell you which product is the best choice.


Other Maintenance Item

Of course, there are more menial things to do. Things like regular washing, and regular tune up to keep the engine performance top notch. You can do the tune up around the same time you change the oil. The key is to do it before your car reminds you to do so. Because at that time, it might be already too late. Check on oli gemuk agip for the latest information.