How to Install New Wall Tile Over Old Tile

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Tile can be placed over tile as long as the underlying tile is sound. Before examining whether to place tile over tile, examine the original installation for holes, random tiles, and water damage.

If the underlying clay is not firm, the tile that you point it will clamp, crack or fall off the wall over time. There is a problem that every installer have to face it is, the shifting the tiles downwards before the adhesive sets due to the effect of gravity.

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This is generally caused by not mixing your adhesive well. Strictly follow your manufacturer's guidance to ensure proper mixing.


Prepping the Surface

1. Clean the whole surface of the tile that you are tiling over.

2. And then sand the surface of the tile to aid the adhesion of the new tile to this surface. You can use a sander with 80-grit sandpaper to cutting the surface of the tile.

3. Clear and wash the surface to exclude any dust caused by the sanding.

Laying Out the Tile

4. Find the precise center of the wall. For this task, use a measuring device to find the middle of each side of the wall and draw a straight line from the edge of the wall.

At the intersection of this X and Y axis is your center mark.You can navigate here to know more installation tips regarding tiles.

5. At the bottom of the wall occupied a row of random tiles from the center mark to the end of one of the walls or base section.

Make sure to insert two spacers in each tile so that you get a proper design. You will most probably not be capable of fitting the last tile between the edge of the wall and the row of tiles. This is fine; leave that one out for now.And this is how you can install tiles by yourself.