How To Determine Diabetes With Blood Test Results

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When you go to your doctor's office, it will take you to a clinical laboratory. There, they will test your fasting blood sugar that generally increase your blood levels.. Much depends on your diet, they will examine how active you are throughout the day, and your current health status.

Each of the levels usually change throughout the day, and they are generally acceptable levels. The normal range for glucose fasting levels is typically between fifty and seventy md / dl.

Ask your doctor to recommend a Hemoglobin A1c test if it considers if your fasting blood glucose levels are high. The hemoglobin A1c test measures average levels of glucose in the blood over a period of six months. you can also go online to get these affordable lab test done via or any source.

Ask your doctor for a tolerance test oral glucose and fasting plasma glucose test. Both tests require you to fast for at least two hours before your doctor take your blood sample. After taking your blood sample, you will need to drink a high concentration glucose drink.

Home Glucose Meters

The home blood glucose meter will measure your blood glucose after you prick your finger and drop a small part of your blood in the test strip provided. You then insert the strip into your monitor. After a short period, the monitor displays your level of glucose in the blood. Make sure you save the results.

It is also important that you calibrate glucose tester before use. Do this often so you do not get inaccurate readings. Take your records with you to the visit of your next doctor. Compare lab results with your own results. Take into account that in plasma glucose levels will be completely different blood glucose levels.