How to Avoid Getting Hurt During Airbag Deployment in Car?

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Thanks to technology, most of the cars from basic entry to top-end model come with airbags. The addition of airbags helps to save lives especially during a major accident. The mechanism of airbag is when the car rams into a wall; the airbags are immediately deployed from head collision. Although airbags are safe, it can also take a life as it is capable of causing neck injuries. These are a few ways to avoid injuries during airbag deployment.

  1. Do not Ignore Seat Belts –Seal belts are another addition to cars that helps us to remain safe during an accident. If you ignore wearing the belt, you are bound to some serious injuries or in some cases death too.
  2. Maintain Distance from the Steering Wheel – Nowadays, similar to adjustable seats, even the steering wheels come with this type of function. If your car has this facility available, then make sure you sit as further away as possible from the wheel.
  3. Thumb Positioning on the Steering Wheel – Outward positioning of the thumb is the ideal position for the steering Wheel.
  4. Tilt Down the Steering Wheel – As mentioned above that steering wheel in modern cars come with height adjustments, it is important to tilt down the position of the steering wheel. This will make sure that your head does not collide with the wheel during an accident.
  5. 10 and 2 – 10 and 2o’clock is known to be the position of your hands on the steering wheel.

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