How Safe Are Your Health Supplements?

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The use of health supplements is becoming part of our daily lives. But how are these product governed? Who is ensuring what is stated on the label is true and who’s making sure the products are safe?

The FDA leaves it to the maker of the supplements to be sure that what they are producing lives up to medical claims they are simply purporting.

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Quite simply, if a product is proclaiming that it offers you with the daily suggested allowance of any specific vitamin supplements it’s the responsibility of this manufacturer to carry true compared to that claim and make sure it is safe.


FDA regulates health supplements under a different group of restrictions than those covering “conventional” foods and medical products (prescription and Over-the-Counter).

The health supplement manufacturer is in charge of making certain a health supplement is safe before it is sold. FDA is in charge of taking action against any unsafe health supplement product after it gets to the marketplace.

Generally, manufacturers need not sign-up their products with neither FDA nor get FDA agreement before producing or offering health supplements. Manufacturers must ensure that product label information is truthful rather than misleading.

FDA’s post-marketing tasks include monitoring safe practices, e.g. voluntary health supplement negative event reporting, and product information, such as labeling, cases, program inserts, and associated literature. The National Trade Fee regulates health supplement advertising.