How Exactly Does Pilates Work?

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Pilates is so popular because it allows muscles to develop strength while becoming leaner and longer without being muscular like other weight training.

E.g., bodybuilding generally shortens muscles while Pilates exercise lengthens them. This is the result of dynamic stretching of the muscles, a process also called dynamic tension. If you are looking for the best Pilates classes in Long Island, then you can visit

Pilates exercises have another difference: they do not isolate the muscles. Thus, in a single workout, you can work a lot more muscle than in traditional strength training where you focus on each individual muscle.

Pilates teaches each muscle group to work together and the very difficult exercises quickly become smoother and easier.

Another difference between Pilates and traditional weight training methods is that in Pilates exercises, the position of the spine is dynamic and moves with each movement to help the body stay centered and balanced, whatever his position.

This also allows the spine to gain strength and flexibility that can be helpful in eliminating back pain and promoting good posture.

That being said, you should not stop traditional bodybuilding if you really like doing it. In fact, doing Pilates during your days off can really improve your bodybuilding abilities, give you the ability to make more precise movements and reduce the risk of muscle fatigue.