How Can CBD Help People Give Up Smoking

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The process of giving up smoking involves tackling two issues – firstly the dependence of nicotine, and secondly, the ‘habit’ of smoking – the routine, the act of buying and smoking and the social aspects to smoking, for example.

This requires a two-sided attack, and many of the 'conventional' help out there for people to quit smoking only try to deal with one of them.

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Conventional nicotine replacement treatments such as fillings and chewing gum are very ineffective to really help people break the habit for this reason – even though they help with nicotine cravings, they will not help change the habit.

One method that has proven to be an effective tool to help people quit smoking is through vaping. Vaping involves heating e-liquids and then inhaling steam – like conventional smoking, but is not too dangerous for health and is socially more acceptable.

One of the important things about vaping is that 'smokers' can still do the same routine as smoking, but without the very dangerous risks that come with smoking. Nicotine can be added to e-liquid but is controlled and reduced gradually when and when 'smokers' feel right to do it.

Recent research shows that CBD may help nicotine withdrawal in two ways. When nicotine is consumed it causes a sharp increase in dopamine in the brain in the rewarding parts of the brain. Dopamine is a chemical found in the brain and also known as a 'good taste' chemical.

Research shows that CBD can positively influence the dopamine pathway and therefore show signs that it can be useful in helping people with a number of addictions.