How Are Electronic Cigarettes Better Than Tobacco Cigarette?

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Electronic cigarettes are also known as e cigarettes, e cig, electric cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes. These e cigarettes look like normal tobacco cigarettes and even taste like them. Most of the smokers are switching to the e cigarettes as it provides them with their nicotine fix and it is not even harmful. Some smokers prefer using e cigarettes as they can enjoy smoking without caring much about their oral fixation.

Electronic cigarettes contain a nicotine cartridge which is filled with e liquid. E liquid has nicotine and one more chemical which allow the atomizer present inside the e cigarette to turn the e liquid into the vapor. The person who is smoking using the e cigarette will inhale the vapor instead of the smoke. There are around 4000 different type of chemicals found in the normal tobacco cigarette. When the regular cigarette is inhaled by the smoker, these chemicals and tar can cause various health problems. The people who smoke using e cigarettes don’t have to worry about it as these are not hard on the body. Get the facts about the e cigarettes on the human body from the net.

E cigarettes produces vapor and it doesn’t have any kind of smell so, the people near by the smoker don’t get affected by it. Smokers buy a pack of cigarette every time they want to smoke but in case of e cigarettes, one just has to refill the cartridge and its ready.