High End Wine Cabinets – A Look at Marvel and Vinotheque

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A large wine collection is an investment of time and money to get each bottle. For many people, the idea of gathering may conjure up images of a warehouse containing hundreds and hundreds, bottle-age centuries covered in dust. 

People new to the world of wine will begin with a much smaller collection, and luxury amenities are not necessary. Wine is a perishable food, however, and exposure to fluctuations in light, heat, temperature, or humidity can result in spoilage. You can buy the best custom wine cellars via online sources.

Most collectors store their valuables in wine cabinets, units that provide storage at the ideal temperature and humidity levels. As with any other home purchase, wine cabinets can range from economical to extravagant. 

Although there are several manufacturers of the closet, two stand out for its exceptional quality and their unique – Marvel and Vinotheque. Both produce a high-end cabinet, but each brings a unique style. 


Marvel wine cooler has been there for more than seventy years, and they are known for staying on the cutting edge of design. Marvel cabinets are ideal for modern luxury homes, with sleek and simple pictures of them. 

On the other hand, a Vinotheque wine cabinet is likely to reflect a more "old world" charm. These cabinets are attractive handmade wooden with fit customer specifications. The artisan craftsmanship of these pieces allows them to function as a beautiful piece of furniture as well as wine storage.

Because they are sleek and modern, Marvel wine cooler is often found under the kitchen table, as part of a low cupboard. They are meant to be versatile, ideal for any room – indoor or outdoor.