Herd Management Software Helps with Saber Herd

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Record and access to information about your pets, from anywhere with Saber Herd, cloud-based herd management system we have. Fully integrated with all SCC Milk Monitor. Integrated to meet compliance / regulatory requirements in the market, for example. PURPOSE and CTS. One can  Measure Yield Per Cow with Saber Milk sensors.

All you need is internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Benefits Of Saber Herd

With Saber Herd you can:

  • Record and group access to data from anywhere
  • See the events recorded by all your users / staff as they occur
  • Improve decision-making about your herd and every animal well, the information faster and better
  • What can you do with Saber Herd
  • Flock management simpler and faster when using the features in Saber Herd.
  • Flock management
  • Event records (optimized for quick entry of Dairy)
  • Management includes a comprehensive veterinary care and medicine
  • group dynamics (animals grouped automatically based on criteria specified)

Select (PYO) your own group

  • Count animals
  • animals are prepared
  • Animal movement – to record all movement in and out of your farm
  • Management tag
  • Drugs – Acceptance, and dispose of pharmaceuticals.
  • Farms near Urlingford, Co Kilkenny, Sean Gibbons preys on a group of Holstein Friesian cows under the system of the calf.

The platform runs on 110ha grazing land and there are two full-time work unit worked with Sean on the farm.

Given the scale of the operation, DeLaval nursing homes consisting of 30 units assigned to milk every morning and evening.

Over the past few years, the number of cattle in farms has increased by 180-330 and – while Sean is now in full capacity – this year, the average cow in the herd will produce 6,500L and 500 kg of milk solids.