Great Kids Birthday Party with Cheap Party Supplies is Possible

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Kids birthday parties are such important events, each birthday party is unique and exclusive and parents just want to see their little one have as much fun as possible! Today I would take you through some of the magical themed party ideas.

You could use these ideas just by using some cheap party supplies. And it would be as exclusive a theme as the occasion itself. All you would need to buy are some discounted or cheap party supplies and arrange them as per the theme.

Lets us begin with girls birthday theme party. Here we go…

a) Fairy theme- Colors pink and white. Little girls would simply love it. All you need for this theme is a complete set of party supplies in pink and white. Even the dress code should be pink and white. Add some beautiful swirl cup cakes to go on with the rest of the party theme to add a touch of magic and sweetness.

b) Princess Ballerina – Oh! I love this one. Of course the colors have to be pink, peach or white, better still a combination of all three. Get your party supplies; use more of pearl balloons and curling ribbons. Now Dress your girl in a tutu and use ballet shoes paper cut outs as invites. You can use glass jars to decorate the table tie a tutu around those and tidy it up with a pretty ribbon.

These were some ideas for girl’s birthday party; now let’s see what we can do for our little monsters. Yes I am talking about boys.

a) Baseball- the very first thing I can think of when I think about boys. They would simply love it. You could use the colors of the team your kid follows, or simply go for the standard colors- red, blue and white. Ensure you get all your party supplies in red, blue and white and simply see the magic; it would just turn around the entire look of the place. Additionally you could use some tickets, baseball, bats and gloves and strewn them around the place. Keep a dress code. And see your boy smiling all through it.

b) Batman- Little boys dream; isn’t it so? You can decorate your party venue with yellow black and lavender color balloons and Bat shaped balloon. Decorated the walls with Bat themed streamers. You could buy some cheap party supplies and get batman printed on the paper plates and cups.

c) Mickey Mouse parties: Mickey mouse is a very popular cartoon and kids simply love themed parties based on Mickey mouse. You can get cheap mickey mouse party supplies if you do some search.

Ideas are endless, and as much as we would want to make every party special for our kids we also have a budget constraint. Hence it is best to go for cheap party supplies and remember by cheap I do not mean that you would have to sacrifice on the quality. All you need to do is buy these supplies at a wholesale rate.