Get Your Message Out With Screen Printing

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T-shirts are a very popular way to convey your company's message to the public. This is because of the ability of shirts to be seen by thousands of people during their lifetime. Everyone who sees a t-shirt will see your company's logo, name, and slogan.

As a result, Return-on-Investment becomes very large when a company invests a small amount into screen printing but receives a large number of people who see the logo. You can check this out to buy printed positive thoughts t-shirts.

Newspaper ads vs. screen printing

Newspaper advertising is an established method for publicly displaying your company's face. However, the costs are high, and returns are low when you consider that more often than not, your ad will end up in the trash or as something to start a fire.

Life Be Hard in the Desert T-Shirt

Compare this with screen printing, which is low-cost and notices in large quantities. Depending on your budget, after the day you advertise, your ad disappears and the public has moved, but with screen printing, thousands of people can see your logo and slogan for years afterward.

Who got it?

When giving a shirt that has screen printing, it is best to give it to the customer as part of the promotion. Ask your customers to buy two products to get free shirts, or you can make shirts as promotional items that can be used for client events, including golf tournaments.


Screen printing is a very popular method for companies to publicize their images. If you want your company to reach thousands of people, at very cheap prices, screen printing is the best way. This is a large amount of "face time" for t-shirts that can be likened to additional income for your company, many years after the product was distributed.