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Men’s board shorts are made for beach and are very versatile in style.These are originated from simpler swim trunks category but changed themselves into a new category with a new name of ‘Boardshorts’. Although they are considered as a popular form of beach-ware, nowadaysit's getting common among people to wear these attires several times in different places.


Why called boardshorts?

Their name is based on their use in aquatic sports that use a board for surfing in the water and these are short in size. These are many famous shorts in Australia, North America, South Africa etc.

Material, design,and size

These are mainly made from smooth polyester or nylon material which makes these durable, light-weight and comfortable. These are designed to dry as quickly as possible and to hold up to contact with a surfboard. Boardshorts have rigid waistbands instead of an elastic waist. These are normally longer in size with respect to other shorts or swimwear. They are available in many sizes for men. Mostly mens boardshorts size 36 and 38 are popular among men. Generally, these are loose or baggy in appearance.Another common feature is they have very small sealed pockets.This is made to secure a place for carrying keys or cards. Although the basic designs remainthe same among all boardshorts, their color combinations are attractive and different.

Almost all swimsuit and shorts manufacturers produce these products. You can check and buy them offline and online also.