Geelong is Home To The Best Student Accomodation.

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Geelong student accommodation is home to the best range of accommodation services. Our services cater for both local and international students in the Victorian area today. Our affordable accommodation prices are capable of not only hosting students, but independent families can also be housed in the establishment, with meals being provided privately to cater for them. Rest assured that Geelong student accomodation provides a secure safe and modern environment which students adequately utilize to excel in their endeavors. The student application accommodation takes approximately one to two weeks. A reference letter from our campus is availed to you during the application process, as we wait to welcome you into the Geelong community.

Living in Geelong Area.

Geelong is emerging as a non-capital city in Australia, the accommodation facility is located within nature’s beauty and finest man made attractions,The friendly environment allow you relax and study in the abundance of nature. Geelong area is easily accessible by road. Melbourne CBD, is a one-hour drive from Geelong for those wiling to take an hour's road trip. The CBD is located some 80 km away from Geelong area. You can also take a road trip along the Great Ocean Road to the breathtaking beach-side suburbs located in Geelong and explore this area during your weekends, or when you're not studying.

Geelong Student Accommodation Latest Amenities and Facilities

Geelong student establishment is designed as a hub delivering the best student- study experience, in utmost comfort and serenity. The facility boasts of ultra-modern facilities meant to amplify your student’s experience. The facility comes equipped with WI-FI, as well as Broadband connectivity, catering for learning and research, spacious TV lounges for your entertainment, as well as 24/7 CCTV monitoring and fire alarms which are always monitored ensuring that the Geelong community remains secure.

The Deakin’s University in Geelong Student Accommodation.

Geelong is known as the go-to place for learning and research. This area is home to two of Deakin’s University campuses, that is, the Waterfront and Waurn Pond campus'. Recent statistics have ranked Deakin's University student's as third most employable in Australia. , Deakin's university is also home to five-star facilities in teaching and research.

Geelong Waterfront and Waurn Pond Area campuses

Geelong Waterfront campus located close to a magnificent seaside. The institution provides a wide array of facilities which students can utilize. ranging from;library, student services, medical centers, restaurants , multi-faith services, accommodation as well as ample parking.The Deakin’s Waurn Pond campus is also home to world-class education programs, though established in a magnificent its rural setting. It boasts nearly all facilities as those found in the Waterfront campus. Additional facilities in the Waurn pond campus include sports and gym, childcare, bookshop and merchandise.Ample and convenient parking is also available to visitors, where as paid parking is available on request in the campus premises.

Geelong's impressive architectural designs and remarkable facilities,coupled with fully furnished amenities, provide a premier, serene and secure environment for students to indulge in their studies. Geelong student accommodation promises to be a home away from home. Get in contact with our student accommodation faculty today and be the first to enjoy world class quality education, and study while enjoying the best the world offers in culture and diversity.

You are always welcome to ask a question. We value our customers and are ready to hear from you. Contact us and get booking with the premier Geelong student accommodation today.