Foot Care Tips that You Must Follow During Monsoon

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Monsoons are delightful and a reprieve from the scorching summer heat. But monsoons can also be harsh on your skin. Your skin needs extra care in the monsoons, especially your feet. Monsoon showers bring pleasant weather but also came with humidity, sweat and moisture. Your foot skin turns dry, dehydrated, blotchy and more vulnerable to microbial infections. So its care is essential.

Here are some foot care tips that you must follow during monsoon to keep your feet beautiful:

  • Always keep your feet clean and dry. With wet feet, fungal and bacterial infections can spread very easily around your feet.
  • Cleanse your feet with lukewarm water mixed with antiseptic liquid after returning home. Let them dry and apply anti-fungal powder.
  • Gently exfoliate your dead and flaky foot skin on a regular basis.
  • Apply foot moisturising cream enriched with shea and kokum butter regularly after cleaning your feet or before going out.
  • Say no to walking barefoot as you can easily pick up infections and allergies. Choose the right type of footwear which is suitable for the rainy season like flip-flops & slippers. It alleviates irritations, restores skin’s barrier function, prevents excessive transepidermal water loss and protects against further dryness.

These simple tips are great for your feet!

Stay Protected! Stay Beautiful!