Food Safety Manager Certification In Rhode Island

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Certified food managers are an integral part of a food safety culture protecting your customers from foodborne illness. When your customers are safe and happy, you can maximize your business potential and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Food safety is everyone's business. As a grocer, it's important to you that your customers continue to support your business. The public needs to know that dinner is safe. You can also get more information about food safety manager certification in Rhode Island via

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State law requires that most wholesale retailers that handle unpackaged food of any kind employ at least one person who has certified food safety. Food safety certification means that you or at least one of your employees has a basic knowledge of the causes of foodborne illness and how to prevent it, passes a recognized test, and has a valid food safety certificate.

The absence of at least one certified owner or employee may result in the loss of your work permit. One person cannot meet this requirement for more than one facility, although multiple facilities in the same location and under the same property only require one person to be certified food safety.

The certified person must be employed in the company but does not have to be permanently present. The certificate must be renewed every five years by passing a recognized exam. The law also states that there are providers of food safety testing and certification.