Flat Screen TV as a Product of the Advancement of Technology

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Advanced Products

The advancement of technology has proliferated many advanced products where one of them is TV with flat screen. Yes, it is a kind of TV we will always find in every electronic markets with many variations of screen size. If we are looking for a small-sized TV then 20 inch TV with a flat screen is available and if we are looking for a big-sized TV then 60 inch TV with flat screen is also available. Now we have known that there are many options of the screen size but it does not mean that a big-sized TV with flat screen is always our solution. We must firstly know the place that we are going to place the TV and know the space that are available. For example, if we are going to place it on the living room where the space is not much then a 60 inch TV is not suitable whereas a TV with a much smaller screen size is more recommended. You can also visit http://www.eximdesigns.com/60-inch-tv/ for more info about 60 inch TVs.

Flat Screen

TV with a flat screen has two types in general which are LED TVs and LCD TV. Many people are searching for the “winner” between LED vs LCD but actually both TVs offer its own advantage. The first one is LCD TV where its main advantage is the price. Yes, LCD TV is often priced with a cheaper price than LED TV therefore it is a perfect choice for some of us who are running out of budget but still want to have a flat TV in our house. Although the LED TV is often priced more expensive but the benefits that we will get are more than what we get from LCD TV. For example, LED TV consumes less energy comparing to the LCD TV with the same screen size because of its light-emitting diodes as the backlighting of this TV.