Employees Taking Long Leaves Because of Back Pain Issues!

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Research conducted by Nuffield Health found that millions of people end up taking off lots of time because they've too much back pain that prevents them from working successfully and comfortably.

It’s also estimated that about six million people live with back pain that'sn’t been diagnosed. With the proper diagnosis and the appropriate advice from a medical professional, nevertheless, the back pain could be treated or avoided. This really is particularly true if people were to receive the appropriate early treatment and exercise tips as mentioned at pain forum.


The research also revealed that about two-thirds of employees have problems with back pain and feel as if they'ren’t supported by their companies as an outcome of a lack of provision. It is necessary that workers receive advice about how they can prevent back pain, but workstations also needs to be evaluated to ensure that they don’t cause pain back. Also, being encouraged to exercise would further make workers feel more supported in the workplace.

Another 36 per cent stated that changes their daily life at home and at work, and that they suffer with lower back pain, specifically.


It is often found that the UK’s largest cause for long term illness is back pain. Also, approximately 3.4 million individuals, or 15 per cent of the folks within the UK, have had to take over a month off from work as a result of their back pain symptoms.

Young workers who are between the ages of 24 and 35 are placing themselves at a great risk for back pain because 70 per cent of them declared they lead a sedentary lifestyle. Of the workers between the ages of 24 and 18, 67 per cent claim that they are not active enough. And once back pain sets in, they may be unmotivated to get going, so the sedentary lifestyle continues.

It is important to get your state diagnosed by a professional that is back, should you be among the millions of individuals who suffer with back pain. Receiving the perfect treatment and exercise advice could make an impact in how you feel. Get more details at health message boards