Eat Healthy Raw Sea Moss

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Sea moss, a type of alga, has been ingested by humans for thousands of years. Sea moss is not only eaten in the Caribbean or Ireland but has also been used in medicine in many other cultures for decades to treat everything from low libido to infections and coughs.

There is little research on the safety and effectiveness of sea moss for different health outcomes. The benefits of seamoss for diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s, as well as its impact on immunity, have been studied in animals and labs. You can buy the raw sea moss via according to your needs.


Iodine is found in sea moss. (Although the levels can vary, as noted above. This mineral is essential for the production of thyroid hormones. It is important to get the right amount of iodine. Too much or too little can cause thyroid hormones to go out of control. 

Yes, it is possible to have too much of a good quality thing. But more is not better. Sea moss is best consumed in moderation. Sea moss can be purchased in many forms: dried, ground, in pills or droppers. 

The regulation of sea moss products as dietary supplements is not the same as that for prescription drugs. They don't have to be proved to be safe or effective before being marketed. There is no way to know if the product is exactly what it says on the label.

However, this doesn't mean that supplements should be avoided. While I believe that many supplements are beneficial, it is important to exercise caution and consult your doctor or dietitian before you start taking them. They can help you choose the correct dosage, frequency, duration, and precautions.