Dresses With Long and Short Sleeves

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Wedding dresses are becoming more and more fashionable these days. Recently, long sleeve dresses are considered the best for weddings. But lately, dresses with short sleeves, spaghetti or sleeveless are sure to become more popular. 

Now many brides prefer to be bare hand, however, long sleeve wedding dresses are still a great option. You can now find the best short sleeves tops and dresses online. Why should one have a long sleeve wedding dress now?

Long Short-Sleeve Chiffon V-Neck Prom Dress - PromGirl

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Classic story:- Wedding dresses have been around since the wedding itself. Long sleeves used to be the only option for women when choosing a dress style for their wedding. In the Middle Ages, humility was paramount, forcing women to cover their hands completely. Some sleeves are even long enough to cover your fingers. 

Since these styles were popular in ancient times, they were considered a fashion statement rather than being overly conservative. Materials such as velvet and upholstery are used to show one's wealth. 

Silk and satin spices have been added to make the dress look even more majestic. In some dresses, the sleeves even touch the floor. So, in a way, it's more about fashion than simple looks.

Contemporary elegance:- Modern long-sleeved wedding dresses shouldn't look like medieval dresses. In fact, long-sleeved dresses can look fashionable at this time while also giving a humble and feminine image of the bride who wears it. These dresses can really bring out a form of elegance that short sleeve dresses rarely do.

Main Goals:- One of the main strategies of good clothing design is to divert attention from the body parts that are less fit and direct it to other areas that are more proud.