Do Mulberry Silk Sheets Only Come From China?

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When you are about to spend several hundred dollars on a luxurious silk sheet set for your bed, of course you want to buy the finest quality available. That finest quality will come in the form of mulberry silk. Mulberry silk that has been made in China using mulberry silk worms is the top of the line.

Mulberry silk worms are called this for the simple reason they are only fed mulberry leaves. The mulberry leaves cause the silk worm to produce a pure white cocoon and the fibers in it are extra long compared to other silk worms that are not fed mulberry leaves.

Although mulberry silk originated in China, there are a few other countries that do make authentic mulberry silk today. India is one of those countries since they use large quantities of silk themselves. The only way you may know if the mulberry silk you are buying comes from China is if it says so on the package more than likely.

You can learn more about mulberry silk from China when you visit specialty bedding sites like Make sure you totally understand how real mulberry silk is made and that you will be purchasing what you think you are before you spend a huge chunk of money on sheets that might not be what you expected.