DIY Storage Ideas Using Cable Ties

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One of the most underrated inventions of the modern world are zip ties. Zip Ties are only seen in movies when the bad guy kidnaps the good guy’s poor unsuspecting relatives or friends. But it can help us solve one of the most common problems in today’s modern world: lack of storage.

  1. Nylon Cable ties can be used to tie fabric bins or plastic crates together for use as cubby holes. You can place this near a wall or even under the stairs to utilize the space better.
  2. If you don’t have ground space, hang a bar and tie the fabric bins to the bar using a cable tie instead. Buy colored nylon cable ties to go with the color of the fabric for a more pleasing look.
  3. Some small utensils have holes for hanging but they are too small for the hooks. You can always tie a cable tie to make a bigger hole.
  4. A peg board could be hanged up in the garage or the kitchen, with cable ties being tied around cups or tin cans for easier storage of tools and equipment. They can even be used to affix a hook in the peg board more securely, to hang tools up.

Courtesy: pegboard

Cable ties are an infinitely useful object to have around the house. They can be used in the house in the workshop in the garden and everywhere else you can think off. You only need an imagination to use them.