Custom Printed T-Shirts – Which Printing Method Should You Choose?

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Getting custom printed t-shirts can be a confusing task if you've never done it earlier. There are ample of t-shirt printing firms, all providing a huge range of prices, quality of products, and levels of service. It can be really tough to understand where to start. In this editorial we take a look at the different methods of t-shirt printing, to help you determine what would work best for your needs. In the end of the editorial I reveal my top money-saving tip for getting printed shirts.

Techniques for T-Shirt Printing

Screen Printing

You may well have known about screen printing, as it's a standout amongst the most famous techniques for print. It includes the utilization of stencils and ink, and is a savvy strategy in case you're hoping to get an expansive amount of shirts printed. This is a result of the underlying setup expenses being moderately high, as the stencils should be made. One disadvantage of screen printed shirts is that the ink can blur/wash off after some time, while different techniques don't have that defect. You can locate cheap printing tshirt in singapore that would give a different touch to your dressing sense.


Weaving can look surprising on staff outfits, and if done right can give a tasteful look to any specially printed piece of clothing. Again the setup expenses can be entirely high as there is a ton of introductory work included, however once the readiness is done it's financially savvy for delivering bigger keeps running of articles of clothing. Then again, weaved logos and content can start to destroy after a couple washes, and it's additionally a costly method for getting your configuration onto a shirt.