Christian Meditation: Learn To Meditate

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Everyday life can affect our spiritual life. When we take our children to school, work, homework, dinner, sports, shopping, and anything else that happens to us, we can't spend the time in God's Word.

Finding balance in life seems nearly impossible. Often times it is easier to give up than to take time for ourselves. Yes, you read that right. I said, "We all need a break."

We send kids enough time to wait, but have you ever thought about sending kids? Parents tend to get stressed out when they say things they don't mean and then regret it. Take a moment instead of burdening yourself. You can also know more about Christian mediation online through

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What to do at Time Out

Instead of staring at the wall, play a Christian mediated CD, and release the stress of the day as you approach your Heavenly Father.

Learning to meditate on God's Word will not only help you but also those around you. Your children will notice that you are more focused and less stressed, which will help them learn by watching your actions.

As parents, we need to show our kids how to do the right thing instead of seeing us fly over the little things that really don't matter. It is best to teach by practice. You've heard the old adage, "Do what I say, don't be like me." This old adage should be thrown away.

Parents must set an example. It may seem strange to sit still and meditate, but that's not what you see in the movies. This is a natural way to connect with your body, mind, and soul. Learn to meditate and bring you and those around you closer to God.