Choosing the Right Types of Incense

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There are different kinds of incense available in the market which can make it difficult to choose the ones that would best fit into your life. Depending on when and where you plan to use your incense, you might even want to think about purchasing more than one variety. You can also visit to know more about Incense  sticks.

In addition to herbal incense there are different aromas, consistencies and even colors to choose from that are available on the market. Some of the most popular options can be found right on the Internet and include but are not limited to:

Granular Incense

Considered the most pure form, granular incense is not processed so it is a very popular choice for crafters. The texture you will probably have from this style of incense is that of minuscule stones or small stones. Cauldrons are normally used when using up granular incense but it can also be burned on frequent stands, although it's recommended that you just mix the incense having charcoal before using up it.

Cone Incense

These kind of incense are pretty popular in the marketplace aside from plant based incense. They can be burned in a small bowl, in cool grab charms and in numerous other ways depending on how creative you need to get.