Charged With Domestic violence? Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney

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When one party reports a crime on the other, the accused may be charged with domestic assault. The majority of domestic violence complaints are usually filed by husbands and wives but they can be filed by domestic partners who are not married.

In case convicted, a person may be subject to mandatory jail time – especially when there were injuries. A guilty plea or verdict will remain on his/her long lasting criminal record and will not be sealed or expunged.

Whether you were falsely or justifiably accused of a crime, you will need to make contact with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. This is particularly true when the alleged victim was injured throughout the incident or in case you have a prior conviction for domestic violence. You can contact grozinger law p.a. via for hiring an experienced attorney.

Your only viable option is always to hire a reputable attorney that can examine the facts on the case and create a compelling defense strategy. If falsely accused, your lawyer can argue that your spouse has filed baseless charges.

But for this you need to find an experienced and reliable attorney who has handled these types of cases before. You can search for these attorneys either by taking reference from friends or families or by searching over the internet.