Chael Sonnen: Jose Aldo Won’t Fight

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Jose Aldo has already pulled out of the UFC 189 last July against Conor McGregor due to rib injury. According to rumors, Aldo backing out could happen again this December. But, all we could do is wait and see for the day to come.

Chael Sonnen, former UFC fighter, revealed in his”You’re Welcome” podcast that McGregor could be the featherweight champion for a long time. This was disseminated few days after McGregor claims that Aldo might not show up.

“I am hearing things from people in Brazil, and in this sport where there is smoke there is fire,” Sonnen revealed. “I want that fight to happen, I really do, and I don’t wanna start a rumor here but that’s what I heard,” he added. Now his podcast quickly flourished over the internet and has drawn much attention from the fans. Many believe yet most are hopeful that the mega fight would go on. It is the most anticipated fight year so, expect a big bang from the results.

McGregor has already expressed that Aldo will again be a no-show for the UFC 194. McGregor may seem convincing with his words but, Aldo is certain to be on the fight. Make sure to buy your tickets as early as possible.