Buying Golf Property in Turkey

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Learn about the incredibly beautiful Golf Courses and Turkey Golf property from the world famous Belek area of the Turkish Riviera.

Turkey has emerged as one of the most exhilarating places on earth for golf; notably, the area-surrounding Belek that boasts some of the best golf courses in Europe.

Now Belek is the face of Turkish tourism; it’s a golf retreat set amidst the glorious golden shores of the Mediterranean Sea and mountain covered woods of the Turkish Riviera.

The first golf course opened in 1994 because Belek has set itself on the global golf circuit using eight high-class lessons, and an additional five are proposed.The architects, even when intending the Belek golf courses, and enjoyable golf experiences. 

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All of the golf courses in the area are just magnificent and make the most of the surrounding natural beauty. Most classes have composed green backdrops of lavender and pine trees, glorious snow-capped Taurus Mountains and organic clear water lakes.

The Ministry of Tourism has just announced the allocation of property for 5 new global golf clubs and resorts to be finished in just two years time. In Addition, a Congress Tourism Complex and also a Health Tourism Sophisticated will probably be within the content of the statement.

Among those improvements, Nirvana is constructing is Augustus Village an award-winning growth Being at such a dominating position with magnificent mountain views that the Augustus Village evolution is a visualization of a historical town on a mountain, proud and majestic, using a tall city wall and striking entry gateway.